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Naturo Natural Pet Food announces partnership with Sarda In

The year-long brand partnership links the Mackle Petfoods-owned company with the search and rescue dog charity

Naturo Natural Pet Food, owned by Northern Ireland based Mackle Petfoods, and the life-saving search and rescue dog charity, Sarda In have announced a new year-long partnership

Sarda In, which featured on BBC Series ‘The Search’, is run by volunteers called upon to assist with searches for missing people in mountains, lowland areas, collapsed structures and occasionally for Cadaver searches. 

The 12 dogs, including Retrievers, Border Collies and Springer Spaniels work alongside other Emergency Services such as the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team, PSNI, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and occasionally are tasked to assist with international missions.

Naturo, which launched in 2010 has increased from four varieties to 31, including puppy, grain free and dry food and is stocked in major retailers, independent retailers and independent pet stores across UK, Ireland, Europe and globally (in 18 countries worldwide).   

Lauren Toal, Naturo brand manager said: “These dogs are absolutely amazing, as are the volunteers who dedicate so much of their time and energy to help where it’s needed.  We were aware of Sarda In from ‘The Search’ and through our company’s hiking club, before they approached us about sponsorship

“Their cause ties in well with our “It’s Only Natural to Care” campaign which ran last year about the care and love between animals and their humans. All of the Sarda dogs are actually pets who are trained by their owners in particular skills and the bond between owners and dogs is really special.

She added: “We are proud to be fuelling the extraordinary dogs that are involved with Sarda In. Their choice of diet was always Naturo, and we are happy to cement this partnership and support this wonderful local organisation, which is so close to home for us.”

Clair O’Connor from Sarda In said: “During training and call outs our Search Dogs work tirelessly for long hours to locate the missing person(s) and bring them home to their loved ones so they need to be fuelled by the very best naturally sourced dog food. 

“That’s why Sarda In are absolutely delighted to be receiving a year’s sponsorship of dog food from Naturo Natural Pet Food and our dogs woof it down.”

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