The Natural Vet opens new superstore

The raw food store has the largest range of raw dog food in Scotland combined with fully trained staff

The Natural Vet has announced the opening of a new raw food superstore which will stock 28 brands of raw dog food, as well as natural treats, toys, health supplements and pet accessories.

The Glasgow-based group provides holistic care for pets, supports fresh feeding and offers titre testing, herbal medicine, acupuncture and laser therapy, alongside other usual services found at veterinary clinics. 

Having always had a raw food shop within its practice, the Covid-19 pandemic and increased demand has meant that The Natural Vet decided to expand its offering, creating the new 2,000 square foot site. 

The raw food store has the largest range of raw dog food in Scotland combined with fully trained staff.

Dr Adele Fitzpatrick MRCVS is an advocate for feeding your pets an unprocessed, fresh and balanced diet, but has concerns over some of the advice pet owners are being given online or in some shops. 

She said: “Feeding a raw food or home-cooked diet can do wonders for our pets but only if it is fed in a balanced way with good quality products. We are finding some of our clients have been buying food thinking it is a complete diet when it is actually deficient in several key nutrients. 

“For this reason, we wanted to create a raw food superstore that stocks a huge range of raw food from complete and balanced products, that you don’t need to add anything to, to more budget-friendly options that need supplementation to be complete.” 

She added: “Every brand has been graded as ‘bronze’ (not complete) to “gold” (complete and balanced) so customers can easily understand what they are buying. Our staff are also on hand to give nutritional advice.” 

The Natural Vet Superstore stocks raw food for both dogs and cats, as well as raw meaty bones, chunks, doggy ice cream and frozen yogurt, and nutritional supplements. Dr Fitzpatrick also offers nutrition consultations for beginner raw feeders and for sick pets. 

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