Dogs Trust launches new TV campaign with Sir Joanthan Pryce

The campaign is now live across national TV channels, digital and social media

Dogs Trust has launched its latest TV campaign, which will showcase the charity’s Canine Care Card and feature the actor Sir Jonathan Pryce. 

The Canine Care Card service means that “should the worst happen”, Dogs Trust will not only be able to care for an owner’s dog and find them a new home, but will also “know all their individual quirks, loves and dislikes, to ensure they’re cared for just as you would have”.

The new television advert features the dog Wilf, who “loves his owner’s bright yellow pants so much that he’ll get up to all sorts of mischief to get his paws on them – from standing guard by the washing machine to making off with them after a wild swimming session”. 

The campaign, which goes live today across national TV channels, digital and social media, is narrated by the Academy Award-nominated Pryce, known for his role as the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones and as Pope Benedict XVI alongside Anthony Hopkins in The Two Popes. 

Nick Daniel, marketing director at Dogs Trust said: “As a nation of dog lovers, we know the adorable little quirks that make our dogs unique. We wanted to bring this to life while tackling the difficult topic of thinking about what will happen to your dog after you’re gone. 

“Creature really understood the brief and brought our vision to life with the invention of Wilf and his beloved yellow pants. The advert is a charming take on a sensitive subject, and we really hope it will encourage dog owners to think about signing up to a free Canine Care Card, so that should the worst happen, Dogs Trust can take their dog in and make sure they are looked after – quirks and all.”

Steven Dodd, creative director at Creature, the independent creative agency that created the ad, added: “Dogs Trust do some incredible work every day, and it was a joy to help tell the world another one of their amazing stories. Getting to do it with our first in-person shoot since lockdown 2020 – with a beautiful combination of dogs, wild swimming, and bright yellow Y-Fronts – was just a bonus.”

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