PIF seeks export crisis solution for pet industry

The PIF is in talks with a number of different companies to develop a more ‘streamlined and cost-effective approach’ which aims to open up the EU pet export market to UK companies 

The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) has announced that it is holding talks with its members as well as an international logistics company to help pet companies overcome post-Brexit barriers to export and more easily get their products to pet markets in the EU.

It comes as many pet industry companies have found the export situation “increasingly challenging” since the end of the transition period at the start of the year. A recent survey of PIF members revealed that pet food and pet product exports to the EU had halved since the beginning of 2021

It also revealed that the biggest issue being faced by PIF members was reportedly on transport to the EU, with many hauliers now refusing to carry groupage due to the “complexity of the paperwork and the risk of the whole load being rejected at the border post”.

The PIF is therefore seeking a “collaborative solution” to bring together an end-to-end export process for UK pet companies. It is in talks with a number of different companies, including a logistics company and a leading veterinary certification company to develop a more “streamlined and cost-effective approach” which aims to open up the EU pet export market to UK companies once again. 

Nigel Baker, the CEO of PIF, said: ‘The situation for pet companies attempting to export to the EU has become hugely frustrating. 67% of respondents to our export survey reported that they were now experiencing barriers to exporting. 

“Customs procedures, increased paperwork and time, the need for veterinary sign-offs and a lack of consistency between any EU countries, combined with an increase in shipping costs, are just some of the issues faced by our members.” 

He added: “Many of our members enjoyed strong exports to the EU prior to the end of the transition period, but trying to maintain these in this post-Brexit world has become almost untenable.

“It’s clear that something needs to be done and PIF is working with its supplier members to develop a solution which really works for them. As a membership association, we represent our members, so I’d urge non-members who are also experiencing export problems but who want to be part of the solution to become a PIF member to ensure their views are also heard.”

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