Pet Owners

London’s least pet friendly boroughs revealed

New research has found London’s least pet-friendly borough to be the City of London, whilst research also found that 45 percent of the country own a pet.

The research undertaken by housing agency Fast Homes, found that the City of London, Sutton, Bexley, Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge had the fewest rental properties that allowed tenants to keep pets (15 properties across all five boroughs).

The top five boroughs were Kensington and Chelsea, Lewisham, Westminster, Lambeth and Wandsworth, the boroughs share a combined number of pet friendly properties of 361.

With more than 25 percent of UK properties privately rented, more and more people have begun to see rental as a long term housing solution meaning they want the things they would be able to have in their own home.

Some nine million dogs and eight million cats currently live in UK properties, the next most popular pet in the UK was the rabbit with two percent of the population owning one.

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