Happy Hounds Wales recalls products over salmonella fears

Customers have been warned that the Happy Hounds products in question create a potential risk of coming into contact with salmonella

Happy Hounds Wales Ltd has recalled four of its frozen raw dog food products amid fears over the presence of salmonella.

Salmonella was reportedly found in the following products: 

  • Frozen Beef Mince, Pack size: 1kg, Batch code: 993, Best before: 31/05/2022 
  • Frozen Lamb and Beef, Pack size: 1kg, Batch code: 992/992, Best before: 31/05/2022 
  • Frozen Turkey and Beef, Pack size: 1kg, Batch code: 991/993, Best before: 01/06/2022 
  • Frozen Diced Heart, Pack size: 1.

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