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Village residents’ cat ‘eradication’ petition rejected by parliament

Residents of the village of Sawtry started a petition to “criminalise cat ownership in Sawtry” led by a local ailurophobe.

The man referred to cats in the petition saying saying the village has “seen a drastic influx of certain unwanted pests” before going on to say “I would like to make illegal any ownership of the animals in the village so as they might eventually be eradicated”.

The petition amassed a number of signatures before it was rejected by parliament who said: “This is a local issue, not something that the UK Government or Parliament could help with,” adding: “You could raise this issue with a local councillor, who represents you.”

One Sawtry resident, Donald Jenkins, who says “I very much believe in this petition” told media: “They are a nuisance and leave their faeces everywhere. They can’t be controlled and they don’t clean up after themselves.

“To be honest we have eight dogs and my neighbours cat went missing and the first person they blamed was us.”

The small Cambridgeshire village has a population of 6,500 people and lies between Peterborough and Cambridge.

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