Purina donates £50k to RSPCA’s behaviorist team

The donation will help the team at the RSPCA provide 101 dogs with behavioural support

Purina has donated £50,000 to the RSPCA’s behaviorist team which will help provide 101 dogs with behavioural support. 

The petcare company said its support for the RSPCA team comes at a time when the charity “fears training and socialisation” may be needed now more than ever with the “surge in demand” for pets meaning around 3.2 million households have added a new pet to their family during lockdown. 

The charity said it is bracing for “a rise in people needing to give up their pets or abandoned animals coming into its care”.

Calum Macrae, regional managing director for Purina UK&I, said: “Inspired by our core belief that people and pets are better together, and seeing the difference that the RSPCA can make to dogs who need some extra support, I am really thrilled that Purina can support the RSPCA to help 101 dogs find new homes. 

Covid-19 has brought us all many challenges over the past year but what has become clear is that the pet human bond has never been stronger, with more and more people choosing to own a pet.”

He added: “Unfortunately, the flip side to this is many new owners haven’t been able to access training support before an issue has become a problem. This is where the RSPCA’s behaviour team is on hand to step in to help many of the dogs coming into their care.”

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