Pet retailer partners with hotel group

The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company is teaming up with De Vere to launch their new dog sitter service

The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company is partnering with De Vere, the hotel and estate group for the launch of its new dog sitter service for guests at its Wokefield estate.

The new initiative will allow guests to leave their dogs in safe hands with a dog walker and sitter on site at the hotel.

As part of the service, dogs will be given their own bowl, treats and bed from the pet retailer, as their owners enjoy the hotel.

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The dog walking and sitting service is currently priced at £15 an hour per dog for guests at the hotel.

Peter Sangster, the venue director at De Vere Wokefield Estate, said: “Dogs are a part of the family and we’ve realised this more than ever over the last year as we have spent a lot more time together in lockdown.

“We’ve launched our new dog sitter and walking service with Pets, Homes and Gardens at De Vere Wokefield Estate to make it easier for owners and their four-legged friends to adjust back into working life.”

He added: “Dogs can take advantage of our extensive outdoor space, and they are also welcome in Wokefield Place and the outside area of Benedict’s Bar, so they don’t miss out on any of the fun during their owner’s visit.”

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