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First cat grooming qualification portfolio launched in UK

Leading industry experts have helped develop the qualification to ensure the outcome is appropriate for the cat grooming industry

The iPET Network has launched the UK’s first ever dedicated portfolio of cat grooming qualifications. 

Prior to this, add-ons to dog grooming courses were the only industry qualifications available, but with an increased demand for grooming of all kinds, and key differences in the core skills required to be a cat groomer, the decision to launch this new portfolio was made. 

Leading industry experts have helped develop the qualification to ensure the outcome is appropriate for the cat grooming industry, as well as for the continued growth and development of the sector.

The qualification is said to be a balance of theoretical and practical learning to ensure that vocational skills “lead the qualification, with underpinned knowledge developed throughout”.

The practical training will be delivered at several approved iPET Network Training Providers across the country, offering the iPET Network Level 3 Award in an Introduction to Cat Grooming, iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Cat Grooming and Introduction to Styling, iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Cat Grooming and Salon Management and the iPET Network Level 3 Award in Feline Emergency First Aid.

The iPET NEtwork said the qualifications are “perfect” for new learners that want to gain a qualification specific to cat grooming, but also offers a progression route for those who are already qualified as a dog groomer. The qualifications also allow a Fast Track route for those who meet the eligibility of having one years’ experience styling cats. 

One of the providers who will offer the qualification is Absolutely Animals Ltd in Lewisham, South East London which currently grooms twenty cats a week, as well as a host of dog clients.

Salon owner Heidi Anderton, whose salon Absolutely Animals Ltd will provide the qualification, said: “We are so excited to be offering these cat grooming qualifications, and think they are so important. Cats are very different to dogs, they are very fragile and so is their skin, they must be handled with great care.

“The industry has needed this qualification for a long time, because without the proper training things could go wrong. Unlike a dog, cats really read you from your core, in our salon we have two groomers per cat, All the focus is on the cat where they have the maximum support and attention to bring a lovely grooming experience.”

She added: “The industry needs more cat groomers, and getting the qualification shows that you are working to the correct standard. Groomers of all animals also need to provide services appropriate for that animal’s coat type and spot any potential health issues. Because iPET Network is run by groomers the courses move with the times too and you are learning from people who know all about the industry and all about animals.”

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