Mayhew to provide animal therapy as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

Mayhew has announced it has been sending Therapaws volunteers to Huckletree West in Shepherd’s Bush, London, in order to provide a break from the normal work schedule and promote the use of animals in providing happiness and wellbeing.

The event aimed to help reduce social isolation, stress, and anxiety, whilst raising awareness of the positive effects dogs can have, promoting respect and compassion towards animals.

The Therapaws scheme aims to recognise the mutual benefits of animals engaging with people, particularly older people to help with dementia and other mental health issues.

Kieran O’Shea, events manager at Huckletree West said: “Mayhew’s Therapaws programme is a great initiative and we were delighted the volunteers and their dogs were able to visit Huckletree West during Mental Health Awareness Week.

“It was great to see the dogs spreading so much joy and happiness to different companies and their teams.”

As many as 50 teams of Therapaws volunteers and their dogs go on regular visits to care homes, day centres, hospices and hospitals across London boroughs including Kensington and Chelsea, Brent and Westminster.

Niamh Carwood, project coordinator for Mayhew’s Therapaws scheme, said: “I’m delighted that our TheraPaws volunteers and their dogs received such warm welcomes from everyone at Huckletree West.

“It was a terrific day. It’s clear to see that they bring a lot of joy and wellbeing to people.”

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