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Animal welfare crisis ‘real and significant’ risk, warns Joii

Joii Pet Care, which has a ‘111’ triage service, a symptom checker and signposts to physical vet practices, launched in 2019

Pet welfare in the UK could potentially become a “major issue” unless pet owners are able to access options for affordable veterinary advice, according to Joii Pet Care

The group has warned that choice, affordability and convenience for UK pet owners is needed “now more than ever before”, adding that the UK could face a “real and significant” animal welfare crisis with a lack of options in addressing animal welfare. 

The warning comes after recent reports of both a surge in pet ownership and rising costs of vet bills alongside associated pet costs.

Joii Pet Care, which has a ‘111’ triage service, a symptom checker and signposts to physical vet practices, launched in 2019. 

Co-founder Paul Hallett said: “Understandably, rising vet costs are a big concern for pet owners and we want to see this addressed. But we absolutely cannot allow animals to suffer in the meantime because their owners can’t afford to access vet care. There’s a real and significant risk to the health and welfare of animals in the UK if people do not access the high-quality veterinary care that is needed. 

“The good news is that because of the technology at our disposal now, digital vet-tech services can open up options for affordable access to high-quality veterinary advice. The ‘111’ service for human healthcare gives access to great medical advice remotely and the same is true of veterinary consultations.” 

He added: “Pet owners need to be given the choice as to where and how they access care. This eases the pressure from traditional practices and animal charities who are also experiencing a concerning uplift in contacts from worried pet parents.

“Joii Pet Care has been and continues to be a lifeline to thousands of pet parents across the UK, offering veterinary care at a fraction of the price without any compromise on quality of care.”

Joii Pet Care is currently supporting Thin Blue Paw, a charity created this year to support retired police dogs and Dogs for Autism – a charity providing assistance dogs to those who need them. 

It offers free vet consultations for the dogs involved and raises awareness of these causes to their community of engaged and passionate pet owners. 

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