UK brand Wagg tells Amazon it needs ‘to have a conversation’ over Wag brand

UK pet brand Wagg has told Amazon they need “to have a conversation” over the name of their new pet brand when speaking to media. The UK brand is concerned that the online retailer will bring the Wag brand to the UK under the same name.

The UK company cannot stop Amazon from selling the brand in the US, but should it come to the UK, Wagg has said it is prepared for a battle with the online retail giant.

Tom Page, sales and marketing director at Wagg told media: “Not surprisingly, we will be doing everything we can to ensure that Amazon does not sell Wag dog or cat food in the UK. We will have a conversation with them, and we will protect our brand name and intellectual property.”

IPN has partnered with Amazon for two Amazon Dash Buttons for instant reordering of their products. Amazon’s Wag brand has caused a stir in the pet industry ever since its arrival, and this will only add to its controversy.

Pet Gazette has approached Wagg for further comment.

Amazon launched Wag at the start of this month.

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