Mikki releases new tropical dog and cat shampoos

Pet grooming manufacturer Mikki has brought a tropical theme to its new range of shampoos for dogs and cats.

Packaged in convenient 250ml push top bottles it has been developed to provide seven different bathing solutions for a wide variety of dog and cat types.

The range includes Calming Coconut Knots & Tangles Shampoo which has a mild non-irritating formula that reinvigorates dry and damaged coats; Tropical Pineapple Seriously Dirty Shampoo, specially formulated to counteract foul smells and remove stubborn dirt from a dog’s coat. It contains extract of Aloe Vera to leave the coat soft and shiny; Mellow Mango Moulting Dog Shampoo, created to help remove tangles and dead hair whilst softening the coat; Exotic Berries White Dog Shampoo, this adds brilliance and sparkle to any white coat with its special formulation; Natural Aloe & Bamboo Sensitive Shampoo designed to soothe dry and scurfy skin with its Aloe extracts; Juicy Passion Fruit & Peach Puppy Shampoo has a gentle skin kind formula that leaves the coat feeling healthy and refreshed; and finally, Crisp Pear Cat & Kitten Shampoo with a gentle formula that’s kind to the skin and has reduced lathering properties so less rinsing is required.

The Tropical Shampoo range is the latest addition to Mikki’s five step grooming programme designed for the everyday pet owner. It is manufactured and bottled in the UK in the company’s own factory.

The range is currently available to retailers.

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