Hard Rock Hotels unveils ‘Unleashed’ pet programme

The international hotel chain is planning on welcoming pets to enjoy the same luxury experience as their owners

Hard Rock Hotels has announced its new ‘Unleashed’ programme, which is aimed at attracting business from pet owners.

The international hotel chain, which has a site in London, is planning on allowing pets to enjoy the same luxury hospitality experience as their owners during their stay.

The programme was created by industry experts, the hotel’s partners, and pet owners to guarantee ‘Unleashed’ offers guests and their pets the best practices and standards possible.

As part of the new scheme, two pets weighing up to 50 pounds will be allowed per guest room and will be allowed access to exclusive amenities, including gift bags with pet treats and toys upon check-in.

Dale Hipsh, senior vice president of Hard Rock Hotels, said: “It is of paramount importance that our guests feel at home during their stay at Hard Rock Hotels. Knowing that many of our guests are pet parents, we crafted a tailored experience providing creature comforts that are unique and engaging

“The Unleashed programme not only extends the option of travelling with pets but offers guests peace of mind knowing their pets will receive perks and pampering in an exceptional environment throughout their stay.”

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