Insect-based sustainable pet food brand launches

Aardvark is set to make pet ownership more planet-friendly with insect-based pet food

Aardvark, a UK-based independent sustainable pet food brand, has now launched its first range of products.

The brand is set to make pet ownership more “planet-friendly and green” with insect-based pet food.

Made from sustainable insect meal and a blend of sweet potato, pulses, fruits and herbs, the ‘Crafted for Cats’ and ‘Developed for Dogs’ kibbles include all the essential proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for pets.

Aardvark’s protein requires as little as 2% of the land area and 4% of the water per kg of protein when compared to animal-based pet food products.

Hugo Walters, the brand’s founder, said: “The premium pet food has grown to become an $8bn global market yet sustainable pet food has failed to take off.

“At the crux of this problem is that many of the sustainable plant-based alternatives developed for humans do not meet our pet’s nutritional needs as carnivores. Insect protein meets the nutritional needs of our pets whilst being far more sustainable than conventional animal meat sources.”

He added: “We’re on a mission to become the market leader in Europe for sustainable pet food and expand Aardvark into the US by 2024.

“Developing Aardvark into a lifestyle brand that not only speaks to a younger generation of pet owners but also has a direct impact on our planet.”

Aardvark Crafted for Cats and Developed for Dog kibbles will be available for purchase online from 26 April.

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