Sure Petcare launches Felaqua Connect

The pet technology specialist announced the launch of its new unique water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats

Sure Petcare has announced the launch of Felaqua Connect, its new water delivery and drinking monitoring system for cats.

The new service allows cat owners to keep track of their cats’ daily water intake, while the water delivery system provides the cat with a source of fresh water.

Cats are registered to Felaqua Connect via their microchip, which then connects to the Sure PetCare app.

Dr. Jon Bowen and Dr. Jaume Fatjó, leading veterinary behaviourists, were involved in the design and development of the new system.

Bowen said: “In a recent survey, we found that 65% of cat owners didn’t know that kidney disease is the most common cause of death in cats of five years of age or older. Only 3.4% of cat owners recognised all of the main signs of dehydration and, even more alarmingly, over half of owners were not aware that an increase in thirst was a sign of dehydration.

“60% of cat owners in our survey said they couldn’t give the vet an accurate answer about how much their cat drinks each day.”

He added: “Given that an increase in drinking is the primary indicator of kidney disease, and accurate information is essential for a speedy diagnosis, it’s likely that a lot of kidney disease is going undetected for too long.”


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