Catipilla releases new cat climbing frame

Pet product manufacturer, Catipilla, has released its new range of cat climbing frames.

The Catipilla climbing frames can be used both indoors and outdoors and the company claims it has many health benefits for feline friends.

Catipilla was inspired by Smudge, an 18-year-old house cat who was struggling to clamber into a ground floor window. Her owners, the Sutton family, sought out a solution to help her get in and out home after refusing to drill holes in their door for a cat flap. From wood and nails, the first Catipilla concept was born.

The durable, wall-mounted wooden platforms encourage cats to climb naturally while saving space in the home.

Catipilla’s range also includes an adjustable high plate and cat hammock, perfect for bird watching and catnaps and the UK-manufactured pillars and adjustable tread plates can be tailored to every cat’s needs.

The structures provide a familiar environment where your pet can banish their sedentary indoor lifestyle with modular frames which have been designed for vertical climbing, fuelling a cat’s balance and spatial awareness
while boosting their health with exercise.

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