Pet Protect partners with PitPat

The UK pet insurer has teamed up with PitPat, the country’s leading dog activity monitor

Pet Protect has announced that it will be partnering with PitPat, the UK’s leading dog activity monitor, as pet product insurance policies will now include a PitPat dog activity monitor to measure the health of policyholder’s pets.

The pet insurer has previously teamed up with PitPat on a number of innovative tech projects for pets.

The PitPat Activity monitor sets out to help owners measure their dogs measure exercise, rest, distance, calories and weight.

The monitor is also fitted to be lightweight, and wearable in swimming and diving situations.

It is estimated that the average dog wearing a PitPat gets 105 minutes of exercise a day, putting them in the top 15% of the nation’s most active dogs.

On a statement on its website, Pet Protect said: “The combination of PitPat’s wealth of data, customer intimacy and dog expertise and Pet Protect’s pedigree in insurance, passion for pets and underwriting will be used to help provide the best possible care for dogs and the best value for their owners.”

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