Bristol animal rescue centre receives donation

The crematoria and cemetery operator has given more than £3,000 to the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

The Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol A.R.C) has received a donation worth more than £3,000 from the Westerleigh Group, a crematorium and cemetery operator.

Since 1887, the Bristol A.R.C has been caring and protecting the city’s pets and local wildlife from harm, and is affiliated with the RSPCA.

Alex Nikitina, Westerleigh’s marketing and design manager, nominated the charity to receive a donation from the metal recycling scheme this year.

Katie Love, the charity’s Fundraising and Communications manager, said: “We’d like to thank Westerleigh Group very much for sharing such kindness and generosity with Bristol’s vulnerable animals.

“This amount of money could cover the costs of caring for seven dogs for three whole months, which includes giving them all a full tummy, warm clean, cosy beds, plenty of toys and bespoke, individually-tailored training, plus routine health checks and treatments like vaccinations, worming and routine dentistry.”

She added: “It can often be challenging raising the vital funds required to meet our needs, so we’d like to thank Westerleigh Group for making all the difference to our work.”


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