Natural Cornish Pet launches peanut butter for dogs

The product is safe for dogs and contains healthy fats such as Vitamin B, Niacin and Vitamin E

Natural Cornish Pet Shop has announced the creation of its own peanut butter for dogs. Filled with all-natural and wholesome ingredients, the product is 100% safe for dogs and made from Egyptian peanuts.

According to the group, the Natural Cornish Pet peanut butter is a “superb source” of healthy protein for dogs. It also contains healthy fats such as Vitamin B, Niacin and Vitamin E.

Vitamin B is said to keep heart and liver functions healthy, while Vitamin E improves the appearance of skin and coat. 

The peanut butter also contains Niacin, which helps dogs to maintain a healthy weight and cholesterol.

According to Natural Cornish Pet, if fed in moderation, the “benefits will be recognisable”.

It added that it is important to feed dogs the right kind of peanut butter. It recommends unsalted, natural peanut butter brands to others, and asks owners to make sure they are xilotol-free, as they can be fatal to dogs if fed to them.

The group said: “Made in the heart of Cornwall with an abundance of love and care, the peanut butter is completely natural and free from palm oil, artificial flavours or preservatives. 

“This thick and sticky peanut butter combined with its amazing peanutty aroma is also great at disguising medication when needed.”

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