Couple to launch own pet food brand after being ‘unhappy’ with current market

A couple is set to launch a new brand of pet food after they were ‘unhappy’ with the choice available for their own pets.

The new company aims to “avoid nonsense like artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and unnecessary nasties like salt, sugar and pea protein”. The food will also be gluten free, naturally hypoallergenic, and will have added probiotics.

Jack Walker one of Scrumbles founders said the new company started after being “unable to find yummy, good food that didn’t cost the earth (so) we set out to create our own”.

The idea for Scrumbles has been two years in the making and the company hopes to give off a playful tone of voice.

The food will be available online and can be delivered door to door, various independent pet shops will also sell Scrumbles.

The couple have worked in various food and drink related businesses for pets and people for 17 years.

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