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Kennel Club praises change to Scottish breeding regulations

The pet welfare organisation welcomed new Scottish dog breeding regulations and commended Scottish politicians for breaking away from previous licencing laws

Kennel Club has praised the Scottish government for removing business tests from Scottish breeding regulations.

The pet welfare organisation welcomed the government’s shift in policy and breaking away from previous licencing laws in England.

The regulations, which are due to come into play from September, outline that breeders in Scotland will require a licence if they breed three or more litters a year – removing the initially proposed and controversial ‘business test’.

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Organisations, such as Kennel Club, believe the comparatively straightforward legislation should more effectively crack-down on poor breeding practices.

Dr. Ed Hayes, head of Public Affairs at The Kennel Club said: “We are incredibly pleased that the Scottish Government recognised and acted on our concerns about the business test, and commend them for heeding our warnings to not repeat the mistakes made in the parallel English regulations, which we know haven’t been effective in tackling bad breeding practices.

“Alongside our counterparts at the Scottish Kennel Club, we have worked tirelessly on behalf of breeders to remove the problematic areas of concern from the legislation.”

He added: “The business test was included in the first drafts of these regulations, but our behind-the-scenes efforts and close communication with the Scottish government has paid off and we have successfully ensured that the approved regulations are fair and easy to interpret, meaning that those responsible, high welfare breeders in Scotland will not have the same problems as experienced in England.”

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