Ceva launches new ADAPTIL range

Ceva Animal Health has rebranded its veterinary behaviour portfolio with the launch of a new ADAPTIL range.

The new range consists of ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser (previously known as the ADAPTIL Diffuser), ADAPTIL Calm On-the-Go Collar (previously known as the ADAPTIL Collar), ADAPTIL Transport (previously known as ADAPTIL Spray) and ADAPTIL Express (previously known as ADAPTIL Tablets).

The new range follows the launch of ADAPTIL Junior earlier in the year.

The new ADAPTIL products are split into three colour-coded groups; the Calm range is in blue and is mainly catered towards domestic environments. The Transport group is in yellow packaging, while the green Express range is for a fast, calming effect.

Abigail King, product manager for ADAPTIL, said: “Eighty percent of pet owners state that their dog gets stressed during challenging situations both inside and outside the home and during specific occasions such as travelling, fireworks and thunderstorms. ADAPTIL’s new product range caters for all these eventualities and the eye-catching branding and packaging clearly indicates which product should be used for each challenging occasion to aid owner compliance and help dogs feel calm and relaxed at all times.”

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