VetChef launches free online pet recipe and menu planner

The idea was created by VetChef founder and head vet, Dr Joe Inglis

Dog food platform VetChef has launched a free online pet recipe and menu planner called My VetChef.

The website aims to make it easy for pet owners to cook balanced and nutritional meals at home for their animals.  

Its features allow for owners to put in their pets details such as weight and My VetChef will recommend the best-matched recipes for dogs, tailored to their health and dietary needs.

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A statement from My Vet Chef read: “Nutrition plays a major role in your dog’s health and happiness, so it’s vital that their diet provides exactly the right level of all the important nutrients they need every day.

“From protein for growth and repair, and energy for all that activity they love, right down to essential micronutrients like zinc, copper and all the vitamins, their needs are as unique as their fur-style and character.

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