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Amazon launches its own brand of pet products

Online retail giant Amazon has today launched its own brand of pet products, dubbed Wag.

Wag will offer Amazon Prime subscribers a range of different pet related items, starting with dog food.

The new Amazon brand comes at a time when pet retail is booming, with US shoppers expected to spend almost $30bn this year on pet products.

The move will be seen as a massive threat to online pet retailers such as Petco and PetSmart, as well as physical retailers that have already felt the force of Amazon’s dominance in other sectors.

Originally part of Quidsi, Pet Gazette found that now redirects to Amazon’s pet page. Amazon purchased Quidsi last year for $545m and has been slowly acquiring each of the privately owned companies under its umbrella.

Amazon’s ‘Basics’ brand began releasing pet accessories such as dog beds and carriers in 2016.

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