Stray cat still waiting for home after two years

Magnum, a cat rescued by Mayhew two years ago is still looking for a home. Magnum has FIV which kills cells of the immune system making him unable to perform usual functions.

In 2016 a member of the public discovered the cat near Willesden Green in north west London, after noticing an abscess on his front paw, they alerted Mayhew’s animal welfare officers.

The virus was discovered during a check up at the vets following Magnum’s rescue, vet Dr Emily Richardson said vets “took a blood sample to check for FIV and discovered he was positive”.

Magnum is currently living with Mayhew foster carer Chandra, who said: “Magnum is a handsome boy who enjoys playing with his toys. He is a very affectionate and well behaved cat and loves nothing more than sitting at the window and looking at the birds.

“Magnum is a sociable cat who enjoys simply being in the same room as you. When I am watching TV he will sit with me on the sofa and in the morning he will rub himself against me to wake me up for his morning feed.”

Dr Richardson commented on why Magnum has been waiting so long saying: “Unfortunately Magnum has been at Mayhew much longer than anticipated for a number of reasons.

“As well as giving him supportive treatment for cat flu, Magnum had a urinary tract infection and a lump on his neck also had to be removed, which turned out to be benign. He is doing really well now and just looking for that perfect home.”

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