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Usdaw welcomes success of The Protection of Workers Bill

Stewart Forrest Scottish, divisional officer for Usdaw, congratulated Daniel Johnson on securing ‘ground-breaking’ legislation to protect shop workers from violence, threats and abuse

Usdaw has announced that the Protection of Workers Bill was successfully steered through the Scottish Parliament by MSP Daniel Johnson.

Stewart Forrest, Scottish divisional officer for Usdaw, said the trade union was grateful for the support of MSPs and congratulated Daniel Johnson MSP on securing “ground-breaking” legislation which protects shop workers from violence, threats and abuse.

Yesterday, the final results of the union’s survey showed that nine in ten shop workers had been abused last year. The new law firmly backs up Usdaw’s clear message that abuse is not part of the job, however.

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Forrest said: “We are now looking to work with the Scottish Government, police and retailers to promote the new law.

“We want criminals to understand that assaulting and abusing shopworkers is unacceptable and will land them with a stiffer sentence. Our hope is that this new legislation will result in retail staff getting the respect they deserve.”

Paddy Lillis, general secretary for Usdaw, explained that the Scottish Parliament is now leading the way on protection of shop workers by passing this Bill.

He said: “We have been deeply disappointed with the UK government’s response to our campaign, offering little more than sympathy and their objecting to protection of shop workers legislation. So we are looking for MPs to support key workers across the retail sector and help turn around the UK Government’s opposition.”

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