Animology launch another ‘Essential’ product range

Animology have launched Animology Essentials; a budget-friendly range of shampoos and spritzes designed to raise the standard of budget shampoos.

With an SRP of £2.99 the new product range offers a cheaper alternative to the core Animology range. The range of four SKU’s comprises two shampoos and two spritzes. Dapper Dog is a ‘Tutti Frutti’ scented line for dogs and Perfect Puppy is a ‘Baby Powder’ fragrance for puppies, although all for products are suitable for use on all dogs aged from six weeks upwards.

Managing director Stephen Turner said: “Animology Essentials marks a shift change in what should be expected from an entry level pet shampoo. Not only do the products deliver quality formulations and performance, but they are also 100 percent compliant with EU CLP regulation and law.”

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