Kavee expands guinea pig cage range

Kavee has announced its full range of guinea pig cages has expanded to include 20 different design varieties, marking its largest ever range of cages.

The new products all feature a range of options including ramps, lids or stands.

The cages’ plastic insert also comes in five vibrant colours, including pastel colours, lilac and pistachio, while the cage grids can be white or black. Outdoor runs and C&C cages for rabbits also complete the range.

Clementine Schouteden,CEO of Kavee, said: “In total, our customers can now choose between more than 350 variants of cages. 

“Our mission is to become the gold standard globally for guinea pig cages, providing the largest range of spacious, modular C&C cages meeting the needs of the wonderful little pets, as well as helping guinea pig owners find the right information about guinea pig care.”

She added: “Guinea pig parents are now much better informed about the needs of their little pets and it is great to see an increased demand for high-quality products.” 

The group notes that free resources for guinea pig owners are available on Kavee’s website, including free care sheets, informative videos and a list of guinea pig rescue centres to adopt guinea pigs. 

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