Fold Hill Foods launch pick and mix dog biscuit stands

Dog food manufacturer Fold Hill Foods has launched a new pre-made pick and mix stand, filled with the company’s canine biscuit products.

The new stands are said to offer an efficient and space-saving method of displaying the biscuit manufacturer’s baked treats and snacks in its Chewdles and Pointer range, allowing pet owners to hand-pick their dog’s favourite treats and snacks.

Each stand comes with scoops and a cup dispenser which can be affixed on either side to suit various shop spaces, as well as Pointer cups and lids and shelf barkers for each variety. Along the top of each unit, pet shops can choose to display bags of treats from the manufacturer’s premium baked brand, Laughing Dog.

Ben Mankertz, commercial manager at Fold Hill Foods, said: “We understand that shop space is a challenge and the choice of treats can be overwhelming. We have spent the last six months working closely with our pet retailers to really understand exactly how they want to present variety and choice to their customers. Our stands simplify and personalise the experience for the pet owner.”

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