Vet exclusive products 95 percent more likely to be recommended, says Nutravet

A recent survey of veterinary professionals has revealed that vet exclusivity counts when it comes to recommending health products to pet owners.

Nearly 95 percent of those who took part, indicated that they would recommend vet exclusive products over non-exclusive ones.

The survey taken out on behalf of natural animal health company, Nutravet asked 2000 veterinary professionals: what influence does vet exclusivity have? With 94.9 percent of respondents saying they were more likely to recommend them.

Nutravet’s managing director, Matthew Shaw, said: “The results of the survey make excellent reading, it’s always good to gain insight that confirms we are all aiming for the same goal. At Nutravet animal health is important to us and we want to make sure that the right advice is offered to pet owners when products are recommended. This is why our products are 100 percent exclusive to veterinary practices, something we put at the heart of our business back in 2008 when we established and still drives us today.”

The results showed that practices are aware of the benefits of exclusivity and are utilising the power their recommendations have on clients.

Shaw added: “The continued growth in online sales and changing buying habits poses just as much a threat to veterinary practices as it does high street retailers. Veterinary practices need to continue to differentiate themselves and offer unique products and solutions that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Practices that are actively selling products available online or outside of the veterinary arena are providing an opportunity for their clients to go elsewhere, thus reducing the commercial benefits of repeat business and cross selling. More importantly though, the continuity of ongoing care and building trusted client relationships is at a greater threat of being diluted.

“The market is already a target for companies using the term “exclusive” loosely and without warrant. It always amazes me when I see the term banded about by companies actively selling their products online, it devalues what we have worked so hard to create with our range and creates a lack of trust across the board. My advice to veterinary professionals is to do a simple search for yourselves and see how many of the products you sell are available online.”

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