Supreme Petfoods launches eco-friendly pet bedding product

Supreme Petfoods has launched a new bedding product for small pets with a claim that it has strong green credentials throughout its production.

Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding is made from surplus paper from paper mills, which would otherwise be sent to landfill. Also, the farm where biomass boilers dry the paper into soft bedding, is powered by wind turbines.

The new Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding is virtually dust-free, very soft on tiny paws and highly absorbent, helping to keep small pets fresh, dry and comfortable.

The brand has made the product easy to hand for retailers, as the double-compressed packs can be transported in an environmentally responsible way and take up less shelf room, while generating good margins. The 15 litre packs are even easy to carry home from the high street, with an in-built carry handle.

Claire Hamblion, Supreme marketing manager, said: “Clearly branding this product under the Tiny Friends Farm brand helps shoppers make their choice quickly and we know this fast basket fill is essential to create browsing time so they can select products for other pets too. It’s a responsible purchase from a trusted brand and aligns really well with the natural ethos of our products.”

Tiny Friends Farm has a recommended retail price of £9.99 for a 15 litre pack.

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