Online pastry shop for dogs launches

A Romanian confectioner has announced she will open an online pastry shop aimed at dogs at the end of May, and she is also looking to open a physical shop at some point in the near future.

The dog bakery will be called Lagrivei and will feature advice from vets and recipes aimed at helping pet owners understand their animals.

Pope works at a pastry shop in Bucharest and was prompted to start the business when so many people asked if she could bake something for their dogs.

At first, the bakery will only serve cakes before looking to move into other types of baked treats.

The baked goods made for the dogs are made from different ingredients to their human counterparts with poisonous chocolate and grapes swapped for peanut butter and oats.

Pope told “I think if people get to the confectionery shop and eat a cake and then see a dog, they have a shame on their conscience”

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