Cumbria pet shop offers dog birthday cakes

Marion’s Pet Shop in Cumbria is offering dog owners the opportunity to celebrate their pet’s birthday in style, with a personalised dog birthday cake.

The pet shop offers full size cakes for £8 and smaller ‘pupcakes’ for £1, and the workers say that they have had customers coming from far and wide to snap them up.

The shop worker Belle Schofield uses her own dogs as tasters for each new batch of cakes to ensure they are of top quality every time.

Speaking to the Times and Star, Schofield said: “I made something similar for my own two dogs and someone asked if I would make them one and it went from there.

I never, ever thought they would become so popular, but people love their dogs, some even more than children.”

The store also offers ‘pawsecco’ to wash down the cakes with.

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