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Beagle canine trackers solve ‘biggest missing dog case’

A dog owner has been reunited with her canine companion who was missing for over seven weeks following the rescue efforts of a pair of Beagles who traced the missing pet and solved their ‘biggest missing dog case’ to date.

Two-year-old Yorkie, Coco, escaped from her owner Zoe’s back garden whilst a dog sitter was looking after him. After five weeks of searching but with no luck, Zoe came across K9Tracker made up of Jenny Brown and her two beagles, Tiga and Yogi.

Using their sense of smell Tiga and Yogi, who are sponsored by pet food brand Natures Menu, have helped to trace over 150 missing dogs and were called in to find Coco.

Zoe said: “Coco had been missing for over five weeks and I thought that I would never see him again. I was devastated and was telling my story to dogs in need charity, Paw, who recommended K9Tracker. I was willing to try anything so contacted Jenny straight away who was more than happy along with her talented pooches, Tiga and Yogi, to join the search.”

“Whenever Tiga and Yogi came close to locating Coco, he would bolt off and unfortunately, we would have to try and locate him all over again. It was really upsetting being in such close proximity to Coco and then him running off again.”

Fuelled by Natures Menu, Tiga and Yogi’s covered over 20 miles of land across Kent. Coco’s case is just one of over 150 that Jenny and her Beagle duo have helped solve, despite reservations that it would be impossible for beagles to pick another other dog’s scent up.

Zoe adds: “When I finally had Coco back in my arms, I was overwhelmed and burst into tears. I honestly didn’t think that I would see him ever again and feel so lucky to have been reunited with my beloved dog. I can’t thank Jenny and her K9 tracking services enough, it’s absolutely incredible that they could track Coco down after all that time. ”

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