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Family face £10,000 legal fees as Cats Protection wrongly rehome cat

Precious, a five year old girl’s cat was wrongly rehomed by Cats Protection in Glasgow, 22 miles from the cat’s home in Falkirk.

A Facebook group called ‘Harvey’s Army’ that aims to help with the rehoming of stray cats picked the animal up despite it being in good condition and having a collar, and took it to Cats Protection in Glasgow.

Now the only way the family can hope to see Precious returned is through the courts, with legal fees that could cost up to £10,000.

The family had called Falkirk Cats Protection with no luck but didn’t think of calling the Glasgow branch due to its distance from their home.

The charity contacted the cat’s new home after hearing about the situation, however the new owners are not willing to return the cat. Cats Protection then told the family that there was nothing more they could do if the new family wanted to keep the cat.

A statement put out by Cats Protection said: “”Cats Protection keeps stray cats for a minimum of two weeks before finding them a new home, to allow reasonable time for owners to come forward and claim them.

“As no one came forward to claim her during this time, she was adopted by a new family on February 26.”

The family however claim this is incorrect as they contacted Cats Protection just days after the cat went missing.

Cats Protection also used the opportunity to promote the importance of having cats microchipped and said: “We would urge all owners to microchip their cats and keep their details up to date as it will increase the chances of a happy reunion should they go missing.”

The family have continued their fight for Precious, despite claiming a lack of communication from the animal charities involved. They have also appealed for greater protection for pet owners.

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