Dogs Trust Evesham closed to the public after suspected viral infection

A Dogs Trust centre in Evesham has been closed to the public after one of its dogs showed signs of a viral infection.

The dog is believed to have distemper.

Dogs Trust has insisted that the other dogs at the centre appear to be well, despite possibly being in close proximity to the contagious virus.

A spokesperson told Worcester News: “One of the dogs at our Evesham Rehoming centre has started to show potential signs of distemper – a viral infection affecting dogs which is occasionally serious. As a precaution, we have closed the rehoming centre to ensure the health of other dogs on site.

“The dog recently came to us from another organisation, and has been in a confined area of the centre since arrival. We’d like to stress that all other dogs on site are currently well, and we are keeping a very close eye on them. We apologise to those planning on visiting our centre. Anyone with questions please call 0303 003 0000.”

On the centre’s official website, the charity released a statement which said: “Due to unforseen circumstances, we have had to close Dogs Trust Evesham to the public until further notice. We apologise to anyone planning to visit, and will let you know as soon as we have further information.”

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