CASCO Pet expands into veterinary sector

Pet retail company CASCO Pet has expanded into the veterinary sector with a new range of clinical housing.

The company describes the range as being ‘unlike anything currently available’ and is suitable for most vet practices. It also includes ISFM Gold and Silver standard for cats.

Each individual component is available to offer maximum flexibility and customisation. A full size walk-in unit is also available as well as walk-in doors for dogs.

CASCO Pet’s new veterinary range is constructed from toughened glass and offers a warm and quiet environment to help to reduce stress. The glass is easy to clean, making the units hygienic and time-efficient. Each door is push-shut, with secure twist locks, and top-half ventilation to ensure that no paws get caught.

The range is available with integrated heat mats, LED lighting, air-pump ventilation, and removable dividers, the enclosures create an ideal environment for safe recovery, aided by the company’s specially designed calming graphics.

It also features privacy frosting for cats, cut corners for IV lines, and built-in power sockets.

Founded in 1997, CASCO Pet is known for creating retail fixtures and fittings for the pet retail industry. Throughout its history CASCO put a focus on creating habitats for pets that help to keep them healthy and make maintenance simple.

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