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Free webinar provides information on rabbit companionship

Burgess Pet Care has announced its sponsorship of a free veterinary webinar, taking place on Wednesday 18th April that will focus on how to successfully bond rabbits.

Sponsored by Burgess Pet Care and led by small animal experts, Rae Todd and Dr Anne McBride, the webinar will carefully guide participants through the science of companionship and the practical steps they need to take to ensure successful pairing.

The seminar will also feature several video clips showing body language cues and key signs that will help demonstrate compatibility.

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Rae Todd, director of the Rabbit Welfare and Association Fund, said: “Rabbits can easily develop feelings of loneliness and become stressed if they’re left on their own. We would always recommend that rabbits are kept in pairs when possible and live with another neutered, compatible rabbit.

“Rabbits all have unique personalities and compatibility is key for successful rabbit bonding. Part of this success also involves rabbits being introduced on neutral territory. This webinar will provide veterinary professionals with all the information they need to advise owners how to set themselves up for success when it comes to encouraging and supporting rabbit companionship.”

Rae will cover the practical side of the webinar and Anne will utilise her specialist experience as a senior lecturer in applied animal behaviour and human-animal interactions to explore rabbit companionship from an animal behaviourist’s point of view.

Alex Thorne from Burgess Pet Care said: “We’re proud to support this fantastic webinar. The combined experience and expertise of both Rae and Dr Anne make this a webinar that simply cannot be missed by anyone looking to learn more about the importance of correct companionship for rabbits.”

The webinar will start at 8pm on Wednesday 18th April. To register for the webinar, please visit the webinarvet website or the click link below for more information.

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