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Worm Awareness Week launched

Beaphar UK is launching its Worm Awareness Week, which this year runs from 26 May – 3 June 2018, and is encouraging everyone to become a ‘seasoned wormer’ so they can win against worms.

Worms are nasty and dangerous parasites which can cause serious health problems for both pets and people. In the UK alone, 1,495,000 people are estimated to be living in households where their pet dog is infected with a worm that presents a risk to human health.

However, worms can be easily controlled and avoided if owners treat their pets regularly.

“The aim of Worm Awareness Week is to educate pet-owners about the importance of regular
worming, encourage them to commit to a worming routine by becoming a seasoned wormer, and to take action against worms by heading down to their local pet shop and purchasing Beaphar WORMclear,” explains Dr Sue Huggett, business manager, Beaphar UK.

“This is a key sales opportunity for all retailers, with customers guaranteed to be coming through the doors.”

To support Worm Awareness Week 2018, Beaphar a planning a comprehensive consumer based campaign, the centre of which will be a consumer video.

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