Pets at Home exclusively selling AVA breed-specific dog food

AVA, a pet nutrition brand exclusive to Pets at Home, has launched a range of 14 breed-specific dog foods which boast veterinary approved credentials.

The range landed exclusively in all of Pets at Homes 440 plus stores and online at this week and is tailored specifically for the needs of each breed. Each AVA breed health recipe contains +Imuvita, which supports health and immunity with ingredients like beta-glucans, cranberry, pomegranate and green tea extract.

The 14 tailored kibbles, for breeds from French Bulldog, to Cockapoo and German Shepherd, have all been designed to maintain excellent skin and coat condition and good digestive function, which are important for all breeds of dog.

Alongside +Imuvita, the key components in this new range include sources of quality protein for sensitive stomachs (chicken, fish or salmon depending on the breed), tailored kibble shapes and sizes for easy feeding and prebiotics for digestive health.

All 14 of the kibbles are also hypo-allergenic, made with the exclusion of wheat, wheat gluten, beef, pork and soya.

The AVA breed health range has been formulated for the below breeds:

1. Yorkshire Terrier (from 10 months)
2. Shih Tzu (from 10 months)
3. Chihuahua (from 8 months)
4. French Bulldog (from 12 months)
5. Pug (from 10 months)
6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (from 10 months)
7. Border Terrier (from 10 months)
8. Cockapoo (from 12 months)
9. Cocker Spaniel (from 12 months)
10. Bulldog (from 12 months)
11. Golden Retriever (from 15 months)
12. Boxer (from 15 months)
13. Labrador Retriever (from 15 months)
14. German Shepherd (from 15 months)

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