Tetra launches new Cascade Globe aquarium

Tetra has introduced two new Cascade Globe aquariums, in Bordeaux (red) and white colours.

The Tetra Cascade Globe 6.8L comes complete with the EasyCrystal 100 Filter, which removes waste to promote optimal water quality for healthy fish.

It also works in conjunction with the Tetra Aquatics App, which helps to maintain positive water quality through a water test feature. It also allows users to set up filter change reminders to make the process even easier than before.

The Cascade Globe is integrated with a lighting unit which provides eight LEDs positioned directly above the tank. The replaceable cartridges are said to be easy to change monthly without touching the water for hassle free maintenance.

Tetra’s Cascade Globe can be set up for specific species of small subtropical fish, freshwater shrimps or plants: crucially those that can live at room temperature water.

Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager at Tetra said: “Our Cascade Globes have been designed to fit with a modern home and busy lifestyle, providing a beautiful and convenient aquarium which requires minimum maintenance. For those who have a creative eye, the stylish globe is great for making a statement whether you want to keep fish or plants.”

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