Royal Canin Healthy Weight Competition returns

Royal Canin’s Healthy Weight Competition is back, with the aim of promoting a healthy body shape for cats and dogs, and rewarding the hard work of pet owners and veterinary nurses for achieving and maintaining a pet’s healthy weight.

Obesity in the UK is recognised as the most common nutritional disease in dogs. With thousands of animals affected, at least 65% of all dogs and 39% of all cats overweight or obese.

Veterinary nurses are invited to enter the Healthy Weight Competition, with the chance to win prizes.

Six finalists will be selected from all the entries and invited to attend an awards lunch where the overall winner will be announced. All finalists will receive a £100 shopping voucher and the overall winner will receive a £1000 holiday voucher.

The competition will accept entries until 31 August 2018. In 2016, the competition received over 170 entries and Royal Canin are hoping for even more applications in 2018.

Caroline Burke, weight management specialist at Royal Canin said: “The Healthy Weight Competition is the perfect opportunity for Veterinary Nurses and owners to tackle this serious disease and prevent it occurring.”

“There are many health issues associated with an animal being overweight as well as affecting quality of life, longevity and the welfare of the pet. The Healthy Weight Competition is an ideal opportunity for practices to identify the overweight patients, enrol them on a weight loss programme and enter the competition. It also enables them to reward those cats and dogs who have maintained an ideal body shape and weight over a period of time.”

Find out more by visiting or by contacting your Royal Canin Veterinary Business Manager.

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