Eukanuba releases range allowing owners and dogs to ‘live life well together’

Eukanuba has announced the launch of its ‘new and improved’ nutrition, which has been carefully tailored across each life stage and breed size to support optimal body condition allowing owners and dogs to live life well together.

The new range includes five life stage variants. By tailoring the protein and fat levels for each life stage and dog size, Eukanuba aims to provide nutrition that builds from one life stage to the next, supporting dogs as they grow from a puppy to an adult, adult to mature and mature to senior.

The new Junior Large puppy recipe has also been introduced to help the transition of large breed puppies into the adult stage, while splitting out the Mature and Senior life stages allows owners to better support their dogs to reach their optimal body condition.

Eukanuba’s new range, which is developed by nutritionists, recommended by vets and approved by breeders, combines fresh chicken alongside dry chicken and turkey as concentrated protein sources and other highly digestible animal protein ingredients such as fish meal and dry egg. The fresh chicken helps to improve the taste, palatability and digestibility of each recipe but it also aids in the absorption of the important amino acids and supports lean, healthy muscles.

What’s more, the new hexagon kibble shape further improves palatability with its round angles and reduced surface area and is available in a range of sizes to meet the requirements of toy, small, medium and large breed dogs.

In addition, the inclusion of the mineral sHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate) in all of the ranges also known as Eukanuba’s DentaDefense, is said to help keep dogs’ teeth clean by reducing tartar build up by up to 80% in 28 days.

George Udrea, UK trade and marketing manager, said: “Since 1969, Eukanuba has been committed to creating tailored nutrition and advanced quality food which responds to dogs’ nutritional needs throughout their lifetime to enable them to maximise their potential and achieve optimal body condition for lifelong wellbeing.

“We’re very excited to announce our new range, which will officially launch at this year’s Crufts where four recent champions, including last year’s Best in Show winner, American Cocker Spaniel ‘Afterglow Miami Ink’, and Eukanuba World Challenge winner Cinecitta ‘Ian Somerhadler’ have been fed on Eukanuba.”

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