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Less than one in 10 Brits consider a dog’s grooming requirements as important

Research by pet grooming company FURminator has revealed that less than one in 10 Brits consider a breed’s grooming requirements to be important when choosing a dog.

For 40% of dog owners, temperament was the most considered factor when it came to choosing their desired breed. This is followed by how suitable the breed was for a family setting, their size, appearance and general reputation.

The top five most popular breeds, according to research by the Kennel Club, are all very different dogs with very different grooming needs.

Long-haired collies should be brushed daily to ensure their fur stays free from tangles while Staffordshire Bull Terriers require a bath every three weeks as they can be susceptible to allergies causing their skin to become irritated. Long-haired Jack Russells will need to visit the groomers every three months for a hand-strip, with a wash and brush in between, which can add up to nearly £400 a year.

And, while mixed breeds, such as Cockapoos and Labradoodles have beautiful thick curly coats that are very desirable, they should visit the groomers every three weeks which can cost anything up to £80 a session.

Stuart Simons, FURminator’s grooming expert and founder of the Groomer’s Spotlight, said: “It’s understandable that a dog’s nature would be hugely important to anyone looking to introduce a new pet to their home. However, what is worrying is that so few people consider the grooming needs of their pooch.

“Grooming is a really important part of pet maintenance as not only does it ensure that dogs look healthy and happy, but regular grooming sessions at home can create a relaxing environment where owners and their pet can boost the bond between them, while giving owners the chance to check for any skin issues such as dandruff or unfamiliar lumps.”


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