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Catipilla teams up with Pets at Home

Catipilla, a UK start-up based in Buckinghamshire, has entered into a retail agreement with Pets at Home and is moving into full-scale commercial production.

The company has developed a climbing frame that helps cats to climb walls.

Founded at the start of 2017, Catipilla’s idea is simple – to replicate a natural environment and create safe, stimulating spaces for cats to climb and roam freely.

Having initial launched at the National Pet Show last November, Catipilla has since sought funding to take them through the next phase of development. Having secured angel backing  the company has come to an agreement with Pets at Home to trial their product range online.

 “As a new brand, we’re delighted to be working with such a well-known retailer. We knew through our customer and trade research that there is a real potential for beautifully designed cat climbing frames at an affordable price point,’ says Joseph Sutton, the 23-year old co-founder of Catipilla.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Pets and Home and we’re looking for other trade partners who see the potential of Catipilla for their own customers.”

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