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Online retailer sponsors assistance dog

Petwell is sponsoring a medical assistance dog named Ted, who has saved his owner’s life on many occasions.

The online provider of pet medicines, food and accessories has sponsored established charities in the past however, it was a heartfelt email from Jonathan Sheldon that tugged at the team’s heart strings.

Petwell MD, Ollie Robilliard says: “Jonathan’s story of how he became dangerously ill with Addison’s Disease following a bout of chickenpox as an adult, and how Ted has become his ‘gift from the gods’ is inspirational and we are proud to help such a worthy cause”

Ted, a Black Russian Terrier, has been trained to detect changes in Jonathan’s cortisol levels, which play a complex role in regulating body functions and is essential for survival. This condition is unpleasant to live with but can quickly become life threatening in hours.

“Literally within a couple of months of starting training, as a seven months old puppy he saved my life for the first time, waking me in the middle of the night.”

Jonathan continues “Since then he has gone on to avert many more crises and his training has advanced further than I could have possibly have dreamed of.”

Petwell looks forward to sharing more about Ted’s training, Jonathan’s fundraising and their other activities throughout 2018 via their blog and on their social media channels.

As Ollie points out: “We know how important support animals are to those who rely on them and therefore, are
very keen to raise awareness of how much they can help their owners in every way.

“We feel that sharing the story about this amazing dog and how he has changed the lives of those around him will help achieve that goal. We hope our customers and readers are inspired by Ted as much as we were when we first heard about him!”

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