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Beco Pets launch local dog mess campaign

Beco Pets has launched its first localised campaign near Newark, tackling the problem of owners not cleaning up after their dog in public places.

17 million poops are deposited by dogs every day in the UK. With people living in denser environments than ever before, when owners don’t clean up after their four-legged friend, it has a negative impact on the rest of the community.

Becky Lambert, of Beco Pets, promotes the environmental benefits of using degradable poop bags. She is a mother of two and spends her school run constantly dodging dog faeces on the pavements with her children.

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Becky has worked with Beco Pets and Flintham Primary School near Newark to educate children and parents about why it is so important to clean up after their dog.


Becky set up an in-school activity session to educate the pupils about the importance of picking up the poop. She set them a drawing challenge to complete at home with their parents, asking them to illustrate what makes a responsible dog owner.

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