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Pet company donates run to Yorkshire cat charity

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has received a much-needed place to play and exercise thanks for pet company Mars Petcare.

The run is made of a combination of tunnels, rope walks and planks which give cats different levels to explore.

This is in line with the advice of the cat experts from WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition who suggest that climbing frames can be a great way of enriching a cat’s environment, providing the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviour.

The cat run was designed and used in WHISKAS global digital campaign called WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology, a series of videos that are designed to help educate cat owners in the cutest, most entertaining way possible.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue provides shelter and care to abandoned and unwanted cats, and provides them with a second chance through its rehoming services.

Sara Atkinson, founder of Yorkshire Cat Rescue says: “Many of our cats have had a hard time, and some are recovering from illness and injury. Each year, it is our most sincere wish to let our cats and kittens experience the joy of exploring, and this fab cat run is a great way for them exercise but also have lots of fun!”

As well as the cat run, Mars Petcare has donated other collateral from the filming of WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technologyincluding 14 comfy cat beds. This is in addition to the regular supply of food received as a member of the Mars Petcare Feeding Brighter Futures programme.

Katie Griffiths, european brand manager at WHISKAS said: “We wanted to donate our cat run where it would make a difference to the cats that need it most. It was very popular with the cats during the filming for Whiskas Kat Institute of Technology so it’s great that all of the cats at Yorkshire Cat Rescue can make use of it to play, have fun, and feed their curiosity. We know they’re an inquisitive bunch and we love to see them enjoying it.”

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